Commercial property

How to protect commercial property with the help of technology?

Technology has long simplified and streamlined complex tasks in all spheres of human life. With each passing day, it evolves and becomes more and more advanced, turning the most unimaginable things into reality.

Gone are the days when technology simply shaped the way we communicated or helped restructure work tasks, the newest use of technology is to protect our properties i.e. home or offices or even the sprawling commercial properties.

With the right kind of technological techniques, one can protect a huge property as well as assets. You think of security cameras but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, if we dive a little deeper we find that with the right mix of technology and the right strategy all types of commercial properties can be fully protected.

Video analytics tools, security apps

To get started, let’s talk about video analytics tools and security apps. Cameras no longer remain a recording device. With the right kind of product and software, cameras can play a very serious role, they can detect suspicious movements, send alerts and even gather information about the demographics of people who have passed their vision. Sometimes heatmaps for more advanced visitor analytics can also help identify the likelihood of theft with greater accuracy. Cameras with facial recognition capabilities can identify known thieves, you can feed criminals data, and they identify themselves.

3-level security monitoring system

Lately, a new concept of 3-level security monitoring system is also gaining popularity. As its name suggests, this system operates at three levels for a residential society. It starts at the main entrance of a building, the security personnel takes the contact details of the visitor, sends them to the respective bearer, he confirms it on his side then an OTP is sent to the visitor’s mobile number, it is only after entering the OTP is the visitor allowed to enter the designated tower or complex, this ensures foolproof security for the residents of the building as it is almost impossible to breach the three-tier system .

Next in this list is the digital peephole, this device allows you to have an overview of who is outside your door. So you can be at home or even outside but you can see who wants to enter your apartment, this device is very useful for multi-storey apartments and commercial properties, where several people visit every day. These digital viewers look like peepholes, but they also record everything so that the images can be obtained later when needed.

Battery powered sensors

In a more advanced area, there are battery-powered sensors that send information using cellular technology developed for ‘Internet of Things’ IoT devices. The main use of these sensors is to protect equipment and devices in commercial buildings. They collect data that runs through algorithms designed to identify unknown conditions that may lead to property damage.

These sensors can send notifications about temperature changes, water leaks, humidity, and fire events. They don’t even require an internet connection, so they can be placed anywhere. There is also a tiered alert system depending on the urgency and severity of the issue. Thus, if the situation is serious, the sensors call for immediate attention, while if they detect a slight change, an alarming notification is sent. Using these sensors can lead to a continuous workflow and can protect from many damages.

Fingerprint scanners

Fingerprint scanners are another important technological tool that helps protect business properties. Fingerprint scanners are convenient and provide comprehensive security. The best part of the fingerprint lock is that it cannot be easily breached unlike password protected locks which can be easily hacked. Fingerprint scanners depend on an intricate pattern of fingers that cannot even be replicated, thus proving rock-solid security.

These devices and software certainly play a crucial role in safeguarding ownership, but there should also be a proper system of protecting this software from hackers. For example, Firewall, it allows communication between devices while blocking any unauthorized external connection. A firewall is always prescribed by tech experts mainly because it protects all security software and protects personal information from leaking.

So, with the right kind of technology, commercial properties can be protected against theft, intruders, and unusual circumstances.

(Anoop Bhargava, CEO and Director of Empire Centrum)

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Posted: Sunday 08 May 2022, 00:33 IST