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Important Information for Commercial Property Owners: 2022 Amended Assessment Notices, Appeal Dates

Over the next week, the City of Saskatoon will be mailing amended assessment notices to commercial property owners when an update to their property’s assessed value is required for a full year.

“We’ve had several longstanding commercial assessment appeal decisions made by the Court of Appeal and those also affected the Board of Review in 2021,” says Bryce Trew, City Assessor. “This had implications for retail, warehouse and office buildings over 5,800 square feet.”

Homeowners who receive an Amended Notice of Assessment will have a 30-day review and appeal period from the date of a Amended or Additional Notice is mailed to them to file a formal appeal on the valuation of their property.

“It is important to note that not all commercial property assessments have changed as a result of the recently finalized appeal decisions,” adds Trew. “If a valuation changes in 2022, it could be due to physical changes to the property such as new construction, additions, renovations or demolitions, changes in tax or ownership status, and/or a council decision revision.”

Currently, there are Board of Review appeals from 2021 that are before the Saskatchewan Municipal Board. Appeals filed in 2022 are with the Review Board. If the decisions arising from these appeals require further changes to the assessment models, landowners will receive amended notices.

Following the reassessment year required by provincial law in 2021, property owners who, since January 1, 2021, had a change in the assessment, tax status or ownership of their property would have received a notice of 2022 assessment earlier this year. The 2022 assessment roll was open until February 4, 2022, also the deadline to file a 2022 commercial or residential appeal with the Board of Review. The province is on a four-year assessment cycle with current property assessments in place from 2021 to 2024.

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