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Intellectual Property Law Guide to Commercial, Creative and Industrial Property 2022 –

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This four-volume treatise covers all major areas of intellectual property: patents, process patents, trade secrets, copyright, technological protection of works protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, online copyright, and consumer liability. trademarks, protection of semiconductor chips, exclusion of imports, protection of databases. , software protection, web publishing, trademarks, trade dress, Internet domain names, parallel imports and “grey goods” and unfair competition.

Intellectual property law: commercial, creative and industrial property also deals with the TRIPS Agreement, the Madrid Protocol and other international conventions, and compares the basic principles of American law with those of Asian and European law .

An introductory chapter describes and compares the different areas of intellectual property law, analyzing their objectives, underlying policies and important differences, as well as their treatment by the courts. Separate sections for each type of intellectual property examine what can be protected, the protection requirements, the rights of the owner of the intellectual property, the limitations on those rights, and the standards for establishing infringement.

The final chapters provide detailed comparisons of remedies available under various intellectual property and common law statutes, including monetary relief, preliminary and permanent injunctions, aggravated and punitive damages, exclusion of imports , attorney’s fees and criminal penalties. An in-depth treatment of legislative and regulatory, judicial and international developments is integrated throughout.

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