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JP Infra presents the first urban forest in a residential township using the Miyawaki technique

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JP Infra presents the first urban forest in a residential township using the Miyawaki technique

Posted on June 4, 2022

JP North Garden City’s focus on forest restoration is in line with the theme of World Environment Day: “living sustainably in harmony with nature”.

Bombay : COVID-19 has changed the worldview, even when it comes to the real estate industry, as people are now looking for properties that emphasize green practices. JP Infra Mumbai Private Limited, a leading property developer in Mumbai, has taken a step forward by adopting the Japanese Miyawaki forest technique to elevate a natural urban forest within the approximately 11,000 square foot premises in its landmark project , JP North Garden City (NGC) on Mira Rd. With the planting of more than 3,200 trees of 52 varieties of plant species, the urban forest will contribute to reducing pollution, and improving air quality as well as the quality of life of the inhabitants.

Being the first developer in Mira-Bhayandar to incorporate an urban forest as an integral part of its project, JP Infra is promoting various environmental and green initiatives towards sustainable living due to World Environment Day.

Speaking about the need for sustainable homes, Mr. Deepak Nair, Marketing Manager, JP Infra Mumbai Private Limited, said, “When formulating this project, our constant effort is to connect our guests to nature while providing a peaceful environment that promotes better mental health, sustainability and well-being. The JP North Garden City Natural Urban Forest is designed in such a way that residents live their lives amidst nature. JP Infra has always been aware of its responsibilities towards society and concerned about the environment, which is why we take green initiatives believing that there is no future without nature. We will continue to take green initiatives because we believe that home extends to life. It is important to coexist and build a correlation with nature.

In collaboration with Afforestt, a company with a mission to bring back lost forests, we will see the emergence of a natural forest in NGC, using the Miyawaki technique to plant trees that become a forest 30 times denser in just two at three years old. The technique consists of six steps that begin with a soil survey to assess physical texture, organic carbon, soil pH and other factors. It also helps lower the temperature, make the soil nutritious, support local wildlife and improve air quality by reducing the carbon footprint.

The huge JP North Garden City includes an urban forest and 16 themed gardens such as Fruit Garden, Herbs & Spice Garden, Zen Garden, Butterfly Garden, Maze Garden, Sensory Garden, Senior Citizen Garden, Yoga/Meditation Garden, Community Garden and many more more. These planned green spaces are critical places for social well-being with the help of social integration, participation and engagement.

JP Infra clearly illustrates the essential role that real estate plays in promoting and promoting sustainability, which is a top priority across the world. This includes not only energy conservation, but also resource use, environmental impact, and residential living conditions.

Among the many green elements homebuyers are looking for today when investing in communities is increased green coverage. Mr. Shubhendu Sharma, Founder of Afforestt, said, “This forest of life has the most authentic mix of native species. Which means that as the forest grows, all forms of life will start to return to it, you will be able to spot birds, bees and butterflies that are not otherwise seen in urban spaces due to the loss of their host trees. I congratulate the visionary management of JP Infra for such an initiative. It will provide residents with clean air and a quiet, noise-free space to relax and unwind in nature within the premises.

With more than half of India’s 2030 building stock yet to be built, the real estate sector has huge potential to go green and reduce ever-increasing operational energy requirements to reduce carbon emissions. And JP Infra Mumbai Private Limited has just shown how to do just that with its iconic urban forest residential project in North Garden City.