Residential propety

Male orca charged with residential burglary, vehicle seizure and possession of stolen property

An Orcas man has been charged with stealing a car from a rental company and breaking into a house.

Anthony Michael Kean, 34, of Eastsound, was charged in San Juan County Superior Court with one count of residential burglary, second degree taking vehicle without permission and second degree possession of stolen property.

On December 31, 2021, the owner of a car rental company on Orcas Island was notified that a vehicle in his fleet had started moving at 3 a.m. The tracking system indicated that the car, which had not been rented to anyone, was in an apartment complex. at East Sound. At 9 a.m., a sheriff’s deputy locates the car at the address on the locate report.

The officer turned on his hazard lights and approached the car, which had tinted windows. He walked over to the driver’s side and saw Kean with a woman in the passenger seat. Both occupants were naked from the waist down and the officer observed a methamphetamine pipe on the dashboard.

After safely detaining the two occupants, the officer returned to the vehicle, where he found “a large amount of property in the back seat and in the rear storage/trunk area”, including a large screen television dish, golf clubs, a compound bow, and arrows, two instant pots, and several other personal items. According to the report, “I also observed a butane torch-style lighter and several glass pipes in the front console of the stolen vehicle. …I also saw several hand tools on the driver’s side floor of the stolen vehicle … which were consistent with burglary tools.

According to Kean’s statement to the deputy, after his car broke down, he attempted to hire one. He couldn’t find an available member of staff so he checked the door handles of rental cars parked at the airport. He found one that was unlocked with a key inside, so he chased it. He had planned to call the company in the morning to pay for his usage, but said he “must have slept through it and forgotten to call. … Me, being an islander, I thought I was hoping that it would be cool if i just paid them in the morning.

Kean initially said the items in the car were from helping a friend move house. The deputy didn’t believe him, and after asking further questions about the circumstances, Kean reportedly admitted breaking into a house on the east side of Orcas where “nobody was home” to the little ones. morning hours of December 31. The residence has been unlocked. and Kean entered the house, allegedly taking several items which he then put in the stolen car. He told the deputy he didn’t know what he intended to do with the property but had considered “giving it away to people he forgot to give presents to for Christmas.”

On March 7, Kean failed to show up for a scheduled court appearance and a warrant for his arrest for $5,000 was issued.