Residential propety

Owner wants commercial and residential

A renovation effort is underway on a dilapidated two-story structure located on North Spring Street.

The owner of 307 N. Spring Street, Josa Hernandez, would like to renovate and use the building for the second floor residential and light commercial ground floor. Two obstacles stand in the way, which the City of McMinnville is currently tackling.

First obstacle, the property must be rezoned from R-2 to R-5. The first is residential only, while the second allows residential or light commercial uses, such as a guest room, tea room or professional offices.

Stage two, mixed-use buildings that combine residential and light commercial are not permitted in R-5.

Buildings must be residential or light commercial, but not both.

Members of the McMinnville Regional Planning Commission met Tuesday to consider an amendment to the city’s current zoning code.

“R-5 is meant to be a transitional area, where you have a mix of residential and commercial,” said David Baird, director of the Community Development Department. “Although it’s planned for that, it’s weird that we can’t do the first floor commercial and the second floor residential in the neighborhood. Currently, you can make a building all-commercial or all-residential, but a building cannot be mixed-use.

Baird suggested mixed use as a special exception in R-5, which means owners must seek permission from the city.

Mayor Ryle Chastain questioned the state of the building, to which Baird said, “He’s in a tough spot today. In fact, it’s at a point where we were discussing last week whether or not to label it. It means boarding it. We did this last week on a property. This has a cost for the city. I believe there will be some building once they go through this process.

The last inspection of the building by the city was three months ago.

“If you drive all the way to the back, you can see what condition it is in,” commissioner Jerry Williamson said. “Amazingly, the brick is still in fairly good condition. It can be fixed. »

Members of the McMinnville Regional Planning Commission have approved reclassifying the property as R-5, as well as amending the city’s zoning code to allow mixed-use buildings in the R-5 zone. However, the final decision on these two measures will come from the council of the mayor and aldermen of McMinnville.