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Pacific could acquire a new industrial property of 48 acres | Local News

The Pacific Board of Aldermen is due to vote on a rezoning application for a 48-acre area on Industrial Drive next to Daily Industrial Park on July 19.

The rezoning is for two parcels, one of 40 acres and another of 8 acres. Both properties are owned by Barbara, John Timothy, Diana Kathleen and Philip Bradley Alt who are seeking to reclassify the property as M-1 Light Industrial. The land is the former site of their family farm.

According to city code, “light industrial” zoning would allow developers for office, light manufacturing, warehousing, and other limited industrial uses. Both parcels are currently zoned “NU”, or non-urban, which allows for agricultural uses and single family dwellings on large lots.

The property is under contract to be purchased by Conway Contracting. Conway Contracting has not released any specific plans for the property, which is currently vacant.

The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the rezoning with the following conditions: any development of the property must:

• Set aside a buffer zone of at least 50 feet with adjacent properties to the north and west.

• Comply with municipal stormwater management ordinances, codes and by-laws.

• Include a fence between it and the adjacent property to the east.

While he said the city should be respectful of neighboring properties, City Administrator Steve Roth said it’s an opportunity for the city to strengthen its industry.

“The city, in my opinion, has a clear need for new industrial land,” he said, noting that existing industrial parks in the Pacific — Daily, Midwest and Jefferson Street — are all nearly fully occupied. “The opportunity to develop the subject property here for light industrial uses, I think, could be a real boon to some of our existing businesses, and of course would also help attract new ones.”

Roth said the businesses reached out to him privately, saying the city risked losing them if it couldn’t meet their needs for more space. He declined to name specific companies, but said he would tell any aldermen who wanted to discuss the matter privately.

Pacific Community and Economic Development Manager Steve Myers said the most recent expansion of the Pacific’s industrial sector has occurred on Integram Drive, where a group of companies including True Manufacturing and PLZ Aeroscience Corporation operate. .

Myers did not have figures on the number of employees working in the Pacific industrial sector.

During the meeting of the College of Aldermen on July 11, several residents expressed their concerns about the rezoning. These public comments lasted about half an hour.

Gary Meadows, who lives next to the property in question, is concerned about how the development could affect a stream that runs through part of the land. He speculated that it could flow back to his property or that of another neighbour.

“The water problem is a serious, serious problem,” Meadows said.

He asks the aldermen to vote against the property or prohibit them from developing the area of ​​the stream or the wooded area around it.

Dan Conway of Conway Contracting responded to concerns from Meadows and others about water, saying he was confident in his company’s ability to manage water properly.