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Plans submitted for construction of twin Pall Mall residential blocks in Liverpool

Nextdom Property, a Liverpool-based property investor, has submitted plans and applied for planning permission to build twin residential blocks in Liverpool Pall Mall, just north of the city’s business district alongside Pall Mall.

Designed by Liverpool architectural firm Falconer Chester Hall, the just over US$112 million building comprises Block A, which will be eight to seventeen stories high, with an additional 362 houses, and Block B, which will have a curved facade of up to ten stories. on the corner of Chadwick Street and Pall Mall and will welcome 188 new residents.

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In total, the project includes nearly 8,000 square feet of commercial and retail space on the ground floor, as well as 155 parking spaces. The apartments will be a combination of one, two and three bedrooms.

“The architecture catches up with the site’s former warehouse/dockland with the use of brickwork, arches and vertical elevations to create a modern twist on the area’s classic buildings,” says Quentin Keohane of Falconer Chester Hall adding that the concept provides an active commercial frontage on Pall Mall and, with careful landscaping, will produce a stunning urban environment in what is currently an underused area of ​​the city centre.

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According to Nikki Sills of planning consultancy Zerum, which advises Nextdom, the land, which is currently a combination of surface parking and dilapidated sheds, will help further the regeneration of the Pumpfields area. Nikki said the neighborhood is in transition as the town center expands north, adding that the development would provide much-needed housing and commercial space.

“Given the site’s proximity to the shopping district, Moorfields tube station and the local public transport network, the 1:1 cycle layout completes what is a very sustainable location. The initiative aims to change the streetscape of Pall Mall and connect this section of Pumpfields to the larger business district. These lands, according to the developer, are essential in linking the Pall Mall/Exchange Station investment area to the larger strategic development area of ​​Ten Streets.

Pall Mall Twin Residential Block will be more than just a construction investment

In addition to the construction investment, the Pall Mall Twin Residential Block project is expected to create more than US$2 million in new council tax contributions each year, US$73,383 in annual commercial rate revenue and approximately 200 full-time construction jobs throughout the building. phase.