Residential propety

Plans submitted to transform a car park into a residential and commercial program

A planning application to convert a parking lot in Kenilworth into residential accommodation and two new shops has been filed.

Cobalt Estates has submitted an application to Warwick District Council for the construction of 44 residential apartments over four floors, with two new commercial units on the ground floor, on the site of the Talisman Shopping Center car park.

A previous project to build student accommodation and commercial units on the car park obtained planning permission from Warwick District Council in 2016, but construction did not take place due to the changing commercial landscape.

This current request is for a slightly smaller building and is aimed at the general residential market rather than students. It also includes two sales units instead of the five in the previous diagram.

An in-person update on plans held by Cobalt Estates at the end of May helped inform the final planning application.

Hugo Hawkings, managing director of Discovery Properties, said the application shows a commitment to continued investment in the Talisman Mall.

He said: “We are really delighted to submit these plans for what we believe will be the final stage of the centre’s development. We believe that bringing residential accommodation into the heart of the program will add life to the center, particularly outside of normal trading hours.

“It has been a long time coming, but due to the very rapid developments in commercial property and the challenges posed by the pandemic, we are delighted that the new plans have now come into effect.
“If our application is successful, we will plan to start construction within a year of obtaining consent and the project will take around 18 months to build.

“We also look forward to helping exciting new businesses move into the two new E-class retail units created by this development.”