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Qmerit Partners with BTR Energy to Help Commercial Building Owners Monetize Electric Vehicle Charging

The partnership combines a simplified charging facility with a streamlined way to operate California carbon credits

IRVINE, Calif., May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Qmerit, the leading provider of implementation solutions for electric vehicle charging and other electrification technologies, and BTR Energy (BTR), an advanced platform to measure and reduce emissions and participate in low-carbon transportation programs, today announced a partnership that will allow Qmerit commercial customers to monetize Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits issued by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

This partnership combines Qmerit’s turnkey electric vehicle charging implementation solutions with BTR’s ability to measure greenhouse gas reductions from electric vehicles. Commercial properties such as workplaces, some multi-family complexes, and hospitality venues will be able to seamlessly implement electric vehicle charging capabilities while receiving revenue from LCFS credits, which are generated by load matching of these properties with renewable energy generated from local sources.

“With their scale and influence, commercial entities can push the use of electrified transportation to new heights,” said Qmerit Founder and CEO. Tracy K.Award. “But to do this effectively, they need tools that connect stakeholders at different points of the EV spectrum. Our solution with BTR does this in an elegant and efficient way for end users.”

California The Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a credit-based program that encourages the use of alternative fuels in transportation through the application of emissions targets. Suppliers of fuels that produce emissions below targets – such as renewable energy used to charge electric vehicles – receive credits that can be sold to suppliers of fuels that produce emissions above targets – such as gasoline and diesel .

When an electric vehicle is charged at a station installed by Qmerit, BTR’s platform will match the energy consumption with energy generated from local renewable sources. BTR reports load data to CARB, as well as energy supplier data, which CARB uses to issue credits that BTR sells to buyers of LCFS credits. Most of the revenue from the sale goes to customer Qmerit, with some going to the local energy provider as well.

California The LCFS program is an important driver of investment in electric vehicle infrastructure, especially when it is easy to participate and contribute to the program,” said BTR CEO. jack barrow. “We are delighted to allow Qmerit to offer this important and timely service to its customers as new charging assets are rolled out.”

The partnership between Qmerit and BTR may expand to other programs in the near future, including from Canada Clean Fuel Standard and from oregon Clean Fuels Program. from washington The clean fuels program may also present an opportunity from 2023.

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