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Ramdeo ‘Rammu’ Agrawal unveils ‘The Empire’ residential project

The joint venture between R Sandesh Group and Jarry Profit Group will be an iconic landmark in North Nagpur.

Nagpur is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the country. Several emblematic buildings mark its landscape, including the future residential project “The Empire”. A joint venture between R Sandesh Group and Jarry Profit Group, it is currently under construction at Lashkari Bagh located in the northern part of Orange City. A Sandesh Group is led by two brothers, Mr. Ramdeo ‘Rammu’ Agrawal and Mr. Dilip Agrawal, who have a combined experience of over 30 years and unparalleled real estate market acumen. In this venture, they are strongly aided by Mrs. Shraddha Agrawal of the next generation, bringing her contemporary perspective to the business.

A Sandesh Group is one of Central India’s leading property developers, carrying on an enduring legacy of trust, craftsmanship and innovation. It was founded in 2006, with the aim of Ramdeo to build exquisite monuments across the city. Their projects cater to all categories, from residential spaces like apartments, townhouses, bungalows and NMRDA plots, to retail, office and commercial spaces.

Properties are also available in all price ranges, from ultra-premium to economy, allowing every family or aspiring investor to fulfill their dream. Jarry Profit Group is one of the most reputable promoters in the region. It was established in 2007 by four young visionaries, Mr. Anil Wadhwami, Mr. Rajesh Batwani, Mr. Yogesh Sahajramani and Mr. Jitu Gopalani. Their vision is to build quality, affordable homes that deliver absolute satisfaction to every customer. They have built several landmarks across the city, including Fun Planet, located 21 km away on Chhindwara Road. It’s a short vacation getaway with state-of-the-art amenities like a water park, amusement park, multi-cuisine restaurants, villas, clubhouse, and banquet hall.

Mr. Ramdeo ‘Rammu’ Agrawal quotes: “The Empire”, the latest project from R Sandesh Group and Jarry Profit Group, is already creating a buzz in the market for its majestic looks, world-class amenities and superior architecture. The freestanding building that dots the city skyline has 23 floors with 3-4 BHK apartments. It is one hundred percent Vastu compliant with national seismic design standards. There are independent parking spaces for each apartment with a one-of-a-kind installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Mr. Dilip Agrawal comments, “The European-style architecture and interior design includes spacious apartments allowing customization and allowing residents to shape their homes in their own inimitable style. The elevation is unique and distinguishes the tower from others in the vicinity. Every little detail has been painstakingly crafted to create this artistic abode. It is truly a fusion of visual beauty and elegant lifestyle.

The promoters of the Jarry Profit group add: “Whether it is greens and open spaces designed to live a healthier and more complete life or nobility to match the same mentality, banquets and clubs to network or to find the right deal with the right people, we ensure that world-class equipment is all included in this project. A well-equipped private study and conference room is the perfect representation of the work-from-home phenomenon, where residents can hold formal business meetings. Mrs. Shraddha Agrawal has been personally involved in the unique offerings of the project which include a recreation room with indoor games, a fully functional children’s play area, an outdoor bar, a unisex lounge and spa, as well as a gymnasium with 180 degree view from 225 feet above the ground. .