Commercial property

Record value of corporate and commercial real estate transactions in May

Dawson Radford Solicitors celebrate record value of corporate and commercial real estate transactions in May.

Reports of a buoyant buying and selling market appear to be true, as Dawson Radford completed over £37,000,000 in trades in just one month.

“To say we’re just a small team, the value of deals closed this month is incredible – we’re really seeing some high-quality deals right now,” said Jo Dawson, Chief Business Officer and general director.

“We almost always work alongside large urban firms that have large teams of lawyers. Although we are a small team, we are a strong team producing high quality work and most importantly closing deals for our clients, sometimes under extremely tight deadlines.”

Jo Dawson has a particular specialization in nursing home sales and purchases, and this area is particularly active at the moment. However, the deals Dawson Radford is undertaking right now are extremely varied.

“We are currently seeing activity in all sectors, from manufacturing to logistics, from marketing companies to heating engineers, from property portfolios to stonemasons, from security companies to undertakers,” says Jo.

Being able to provide a full commercial transaction service to clients relies on the expertise not only of the Corporate department, but also of the Commercial Property department, led by Joe Phelan, and the Employment department, led by Liam Kenealy, particularly in the commercial property refinancing transactions. continue to grow.