Commercial property

Tax office employees visiting residential and commercial properties during the reassessment process

ALEXANDER COUNTY (December 13, 2021) – Alexander County Tax Office is progressing with reassessment of the property tax required in 2023. Tax office staff are working to visit all residential properties to reassess the property to ensure all data are up to date.

Doug Fox, tax administrator / assessor, said that on some occasions tax office staff have faced suspicion and mistrust, even to the point of feeling threatened, since the on-site visits began in early July 2020 .

“We wanted to inform our citizens that the employees of the tax office will be on their property during the reassessment process. It seems a lot of people are being overly cautious of strangers entering their property and we want to alert owners and keep our employees safe by letting everyone know what’s going on, ”Fox said. “The purpose of property visits is to get a more accurate assessment of everyone’s property. We appreciate the cooperation of the public during the reassessment process.

Fox said the NC’s general property tax statutes mandate a county-wide reassessment of all properties at least every eight years and provide for county assessors to visit and assess private properties.

For identification purposes, Fox said assessors will drive a county vehicle with the county seal on the door with the words “tax assessment.” He also pointed out that tax office assessors won’t need to enter someone’s home unless the owner asks them to. Each employee will have a county ID.

Currently, tax assessors work in the Southwest (Bethlehem and Wittenburg) and Town of Taylorsville sections of Alexander County.

In addition, revaluations of commercial properties are underway. Visits to commercial properties are carried out by a private reassessment company hired by the County of Alexander. Commercial evaluators will not be in marked county cars, but will have ID badges.

If you have any questions or need more information, contact the Alexander County tax office at (828) 632-4346. Learn more at