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Video: Fireworks fired at people and residential buildings in downtown Minneapolis

Videos taken by residents of downtown Minneapolis depict the chaotic scenes of the 4th of July, as groups of people fired fireworks from vehicles, aimed them at each other and set them off near the property .

A video sent to Bring Me The News by a Minneapolis resident who wished to remain anonymous shows people lighting fireworks and launching them towards people, cars and residential buildings in downtown Minneapolis on Monday night.

The person who took the videos said he saw this happening around Southeast Main Street and Southeast 6th Avenue, near the north end of the Stone Arch Bridge at Father Hennepin Park.

Check out videos of the chaotic scenes below. Warning: profanity can be heard in one of the videos.

In one of the videos, a man is seen holding a firework while another man lights it, then once lit, he launches it, shouting “Call the police, f***!”

“There was a time when some people fired three medium sized rockets directly at me,” the person told Bring Me The News. He adds that there were lots of detonations at ground level of large fireworks with people “running and shouting”.

It is among several captured videos showing fireworks being fired at people and property in Minneapolis on Monday night, with the next going viral on social media, showing someone firing Roman candles from a vehicle, prompting screams in the streets.

The Minneapolis Police Department did not respond to requests for comment from Bring Me The News despite being questioned early Tuesday morning, with other media outlets also not receiving a response from the department’s press office.

That same night, less than 10 minutes away at Boom Island Park, eight people were hospitalized following a shooting that erupted around 11:30 p.m. Several of the victims were reported in critical condition on Tuesday morning.